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The future of sports marketing has already hit the American consumer where they live the most…on their mobile phones. The tech savvy sports marketer knows that not everyone is at home sitting in front of their TVs watching the game, or online checking the scores and buying the gear. A lot of people are too busy to find the time to root on their favorites teams from their couch or computer chair. Taking the game, the team, and the product to the consumer wherever they are is a brilliant idea.

Getting the Game On the Go

With mobile sports apps, sports marketing has become easy and rather ingenious. The sports fan can download sports apps that allow them to purchase tickets, place bets, create and monitor fantasy football teams, monitor the scores of current games, recall the scores of past games, and basically have the entire sports industry streaming to their mobile phone. Mobile sports apps all sports marketing agencies to design and implement marketing campaigns for mobile phones.

Sports Fan Fun

Not only do mobile sports apps allow you to keep track of the score, they also allow you play sports trivia games right on your phone. Also, sports marketers are hitting new markets with sports themed phone wallpapers, phone themes, and ringtones. The sports fan can show their love by downloading a sports app that allows them to see their favorite team logo every time they turn on their phone.

New Tech from the Next Generation

Through sports marketing internships, sports marketing agencies are finding new directions for their business. With new blood comes new ideas and with new ideas comes new ways to market their teams, products and players to the general public. Sports marketing internships allow the next generation of sports marketing professionals to see what the marketing world is like at each level. Sports marketing has gone mobile. Marketers can now sell tickets and tote bags at 4G speeds.

How do you foresee mobile technology impacting sports marketing? Are you already using your mobile devices during games?