Red Oxygen Uses SMS Texting to Keep in Touch

Posted: February 11, 2011 in NFL, Social Media

 Red Oxygen, one of the world’s leading SMS gateways and developers of text messaging software, has partnered with 360 Football Academy, a national organization dedicated to developing student athletes into leaders. The Academy is leveraging the SMS technology to enable the organization and its professional athlete partners to keep in touch with students that have participated in the Academy’s program.

“Instant communication is vital to making sure students, parents, corporate partners, sponsors and professional athletes are kept abreast of any changes and initiatives in a timely manner”

360 Football Academy provides student athletes with a comprehensive curricula through a technologically based educational platform complimented by elite athletic and academic resources with the end objective of ensuring 99% of participants receive academic or athletic scholarships to attend institutions of higher education.

360 recognized the importance of maintaining relationships with its students after they leave the Academy for continued support and motivation. The organization ultimately decided to use Red Oxygen’s web-based text messaging technology because it enabled them to disseminate information to various constituent groups in an expedited manner through a means that is well received by students and partners.

“Instant communication is vital to making sure students, parents, corporate partners, sponsors and professional athletes are kept abreast of any changes and initiatives in a timely manner,” said Youdlyne Renard, Operation Assistant, 360 Football Academy. “First to market is key in our industry and having instant access to our participants and partners throughout the year is important in maintaining this competitive advantage. The Academy prides itself on our year-round academic and athletic curriculum that aims to provide our students with on the field and off the field life skills.”

Many of the Academy’s participants always have their cell phone on hand, so text messaging has proved to be an effective way to not only communicate important updates, but also relay personal messages from professional NFL football player partners who want to stay in touch with participants they meet at camp. This communication method allows students to receive motivation and personal messages from their mentors without compromising the privacy of the professional players.

In addition to sending well wishes, the organization has started sending time sensitive material such as SAT registration date reminders and scholarship information to their students via text messaging, as email typically has a slower viewing rate and would often end up in spam folders.

“As mobile phone adoption continues to grow worldwide, text messaging is increasingly becoming the preferred method of communication,” said Tom Sheahan, CEO, Red Oxygen. “There is a reason over 2.3 trillion text messages were sent in 2010 alone – it’s a quick and easy way to send time sensitive information and interact with students, colleagues, friends and customers alike.”

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About Red Oxygen

Red Oxygen is one of the world’s leading developers and distributors of enterprise SMS software and services. Combining the power of email applications, instant messaging clients or CRM applications with the convenience and mobility of text messaging, Red Oxygen’s products allow users to send text messages to specific individuals or entire lists. Red Oxygen software is available for Microsoft Outlook, IBM’s Lotus Notes, IBM’s Sametime, Windows, as well as web based and CRM custom integration. With over 300,000 users worldwide, Red Oxygen’s current customer list includes clients such as Pfizer, BMW, Microsoft, Siemens, Panasonic, Deloitte, IBM, Accenture, Frito Lay, Billabong, 3M and others. For more information on Red Oxygen, please visit


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