John Wall’s “Dougie” a YouTube hit for Wizards Marketing Department

Posted: November 9, 2010 in NBA, Social Media, YouTube

Here is article from the Washington Wizards Blog. I had a chance to meet up with the some of the marketing people of the Washignton Wizards before their second home game vs. Cleveland to discuss the home opener. John Wall’s “A+” performance might be overshadowed by his YouTube presence for his pregame “Dougie”. Over a million views in a week and growing.

Introduction with the 3D glasses was a neat touch to a introduction and a start of a season at home.  Not only that, but John Wall did the’ Dougie’ for his introduction.  I hope he does that every game as a matter of fact.  The energy from the crowd was different this time around.  You can feel the crowd when something exciting was happening.  Every piece of media was out here from LaVar Arrington, Michael Wilbon, Holden Kushner, and even Elliot of The Elliot in the Morning show on DC 101 was there.  It felt like a playoff game.  I know we shouldn’t expect this all season long but it was a great feeling overall.

Nick Young was feeling it. He felt the John Wall effect.  He would stand on any corner of the key and just wait for Wall to attract defenders and he would be the recipient of his passes which would lead to a 3 point shot or a jumper.  This is what exactly what the Wizards imagined but what if Gilbert was playing? That is yet to be seen but we will see soon this Saturday.

The face of the franchise John Wall showed why the Wizards made him the #1 pick and why he was rated the best player.  He took control of the offense and when he was in the game. He is truly the quarterback of this offense.

After the game, John Wall talked about the great win at home, “Atleast we won at home, Cartier made a big shot for us and Dray (Andray Blatche) made some big free throws in the end.”


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